Views from a Statue.


Snow falls. Ice. Everywhere.

People slip, skid, fall. Some laugh. Some cry.

They shiver, wearing scarves, hats, clothes made of wool.

It’s not very busy now, not much to see. The few who venture out flash by like the breeze. Always seem to be going somewhere, and fast.


The flowers are back.

Greener grass, fields of yellow, purple, blue, pink.

People are strolling. Hands holding. Faces smiling. Every one is happy.

Life slows down.

The blue sky begins to watch us all again, hiding sometimes behind cloud, showing a little ray, as the air begins to warm.

Summer is coming.


Mum, Dad and Children. Eating outdoors. Sandwiches, sausages, lemonade. Sitting on the grass.

There’s always someone complaining about the bugs or the bees.

Sun cream passed from person to person. Make sure you don’t burn.

The water fountain has come back on. But step back Simon so you don’t fall in!

Lovers run, chase me chase me. Hugging, kissing, rolling around.

Please let it stay summer forever.


The tree’s begin to bare, and the breeze makes it’s subtle return.

Ground covered in brown and orange. Sometimes wet, sometimes damp.

Woollen clothing begins to show it’s soft face once more. And the people return to the indoors.

Winter is coming again.



Picture Credit.


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